What is an Impressum? Key Information

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Impressum is a term that originates from Latin, specifically derived from the word “imprimo”. This word means impression, engraved, or pressed. In German-speaking countries, this term is used to refer to the section on a website or in printed documents that provides identification information about the owner and author of a given document or website.

Significance of Impressum in Online Business

Specifically, the Impressum identifies the service provider. It comes from press law, but now we also see it on websites and online stores. For instance, the German page KB WebStudio has an Impressum section. This contains contact details, tax identification, and rules regarding liability for content and links on the site.

What is Impressum on a German website?

An Impressum on a German website is a subsection that strictly identifies the service provider. Germans value clarity and want to know who they are dealing with, hence this standard. It’s also worth mentioning that websites of companies from Poland that have business ties with German companies often include an Impressum section.

What should be included in an Impressum?

The Impressum should contain details like the full company name, address, contact details, tax identification number, and legal information related to the liability for content and links on the site. It might also encompass details about authorship and copyright concerning content displayed on the website.

Who needs an Impressum?

Every company or individual conducting online activities in German-speaking countries should have an Impressum section on their website. It’s especially crucial for businesses operating in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, where the law mandates having such information on the website.

Why Your Website Needs an Impressum

If you run an online business and have clients in German-speaking countries, you should consider adding an Impressum section to your website. This is necessary to comply with local legal and cultural norms.

Expert Assistance from KB WebStudio

Understanding the significance of appropriately setting up an Impressum can be pivotal for your success in German-speaking markets. KB WebStudio offers its expertise in this domain, assisting in crafting a professional and legally compliant Impressum. Our Impressum not only adheres to local legal requirements but also builds trust among your clients.

KB WebStudio proudly collaborates with the reputed law firm eRecht24, specializing in internet law. This partnership enables us to offer our clients not just appealing and functional websites but also comprehensive legal protection in the online world.

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